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“Psychosis as a personal crisis” an experience based approach". 
Prof. Dr. Marius Romme and Dr. Sandra Escher (2011)

This book is published as part of the ISPS series. Series editor Brian Martindale & Boek editors Marius Romme and Sandra Escher

This book describes that People with psychotic episodes are People with problems not People with an illness. It demonstrates why psychosis for the greater part are emotional crisis episodes. They are the consequence of  the person’s  emotional overwhelming and emotional conflicting experiences in their lives. The orientation in this book needs a changing of attitude which seems to have been a joy for people working this way and is described delicately. This orientation requires to analyze the social emotional  background of the separate symptoms, for which the book offers the realistic starting point in the situation where the psychosis started. It also offers the necessary instruments.  It gives an overview of the overwhelming amount of research showing that traumatic experience are very often of a causal importance to the development of psychosis . In a comprehensive way  the personal relationships between the characteristic of  hearing voices and the traumatic experiences are made clear so the reader can understand why a psychosis is a personal crisis. This is also done with paranoia and delusion or unusual personal believes in separate chapters.  Several  approaches are described which are part of the recovery process. Like understanding the message in children hearing voices; involving the family in an open dialoque with the patient and the family; creating safe spaces in groups oriented on the experienced complaints; relating to alternative realities; accepting and making sense of the personal experiences; focusing directly on these experiences. The book closes with the possibilities cognitive therapy, psychoanalytic therapy and using medication wisely might have in the recovery process.

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"Children hearing voices"
Dr.Sandra Escher
has converted her three year follow-up study of 80 children hearing voices in a psycho-educational book for children and their parents. This book is mainly written for the children, because there simply is no enlightenment about that experience for children who hear voices. Neither is there for the parents of those children. The parents are often afraid because of their notion that this is a sign of madness or symptom of a serious illness, which is the consequence of the unjustified prejudices against hearing voices in our society. This book shows on the basis of the 80 children's study that hearing voices is related to emotional problems and children can learn to cope with their voices as well as their emotions. That is the normal development if not inhibited by the anxiety for the voices. Normalization therefore is the central issue of the book and this book informs children as well as parents what they need to know and what they can do.

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"Living with Voices, 50 stories of recovery"
Prof. Dr. Marius Romme; Dr. Sandra Escher; Jacqui Dillon; Dr. Dirk Corstens en Prof. Mervyn Morris (2009)

This book is a proof of the usefulness of the accepting and making sense of voices approach. The book gives hope to voice hearers and they can identify themselves with the people who describe their experiences. It shows that psychosis are emotional crisis episodes and the hearing of voices a reaction on what has happened in people's life . The 50 recovery stories show the possibility to recover from the hinder of hearing voices and to take one's own life in one's own hands again. Therefore the voice hearer has to accept their voices as personal and have to become active to change their relationship with them. As one says "one can't slide upon a hill while seated on ones bottom and wait. It asks for an active involvement and support which one doesn't find in psychiatry. This book is the third of a trilogy together with Accepting and Making Sense of Voices.

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