Stichting leven met stemmen.

stemmen horen accepteren en begrijpelijk maken

In psychiatry there is no sound relationship between diagnosis and patient problems 

In psychiatry the diagnostic categories of psychosis don’t show how context is related to the patient’s mental health problems. Complaints, like hearing voices have causes. Diagnosis are based on complaints, not on the reasons behind the complaints. As Lucie Johnstone (2011) formulates “Patients hearing voices are People with problems, not Patients with illnesses”.

Why we need to listen to the voice hearer
Primarily it stems from voice hearer’s need to achieve acceptance of their experience. We noticed how liberating voice hearers found it to to be able to express their intense experiences freely. They find it exhilarating to have someone listen to them with interest and respect, not to argue away what they have to say. 
Next comes the example provided by those who are living with their voices. In the course of our research we came across people who heard voices but who had never become psychiatric patients. People who never needed help but who found on the contrary that their voices enriched their lives.
We later found support in epidemiological research (see supportive research). 
And last but not least Recovered voice hearers supported this necessity of accepting their voices and being accepted by others. It was for them a condition sine qua non for their recovery. ( see “Living with voices”).

Because of the missing link of accepting and making sense of the complaints thousands are not helped.
There are thousands who only get a diagnosis and get medication and are not helped to cope with their voices and the problems that lay at their roots. Their problems are not explored and the person is not helped with their distorted emotions which are the consequence of serious trauma and emotional neglect. So thousands are put on the wrong track and become chronic patients, because they can’t live their own life but a life of suppressed problems, in which full recovery becomes not possible and therefore dysfunctionality persists.